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Broken homes. Mass shootings.  Riots. Anger. Abortion.
Human trafficking. Moral degradation. Pandemics. Isolation. Fear. Anxiety. Addiction. Abuse. Hopelessness. Desperation.    

In Psalm 11.3, David cried out to God, “What can the righteous do when the foundations are being destroyed?”  We ask the same question today in these dark times of global unrest.
The answer now is the same today as it was then. As Christians possess Kingdom character resulting in Kingdom conduct, we can re-build the foundations of Kingdom culture. 
As Christians live like Christ did, the world will be drawn to Christ. 
The quickest way to re-build the foundations is to
obey the Great Commission by multiplying disciples. 


The greatest attack against the Body of Christ for the last 2000 years has been against discipleship.  Jesus called all Christians to be disciples and make disciples who love Him with everything - heart, mind, soul, and strength!  Our prayer ought to be, “Lord, I am available to You - anything, anytime, anywhere!"  Jesus must not be on the periphery of our lives; He must be in the center!
Jesus Said Go is on a global mission to advance God's Kingdom through the multiplication of disciples, through life-on-life discipleship groups learning to apply Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. With 37 workbook lessons, disciple makers facilitate small discipleship groups using the acclaimed workbook, “The Call to Radical Discipleship: A Study of Matthew 5 - 7.

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