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The Doubling of Disciples Annually

1. You begin contacting likeminded people about participating in a weekly discipleship group for 37 weeks over one year.

2. Each group member purchases the the workbook "The Call for Radical Discipleship."

3. Your group begins meeting when a small group (usually 2 to 4 people) has committed to weekly lesson preparation, attendance, and praying about forming and guiding their own discipleship group.

4. At each weekly meeting, you lead the participants in a discussion of their pre-answered questions based on the workbook teaching notes for that week. READ "GUIDING GROUP DISCUSSION."

5. By week 19, your group should begin to discuss who is willing to form and guide the next generation of discipleship groups.

6.  Those willing to form and guide a new group repeat Steps 1 - 5 as they continue to participate in the parent group.

7.  The parent group prays for and holds accountable the new disciples in completing all sessions with both groups.   

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