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These are the Father’s children you are serving and guiding in the Scriptures, so take your role seriously! Invest time each day letting the Lord minister to you.  Then you can minister to the people out of an overflow of your time with Him. Intercede for those who lead. Walk in the fear of God, stay humble, and the Lord will bless your ministry to others.

• Practice good listening skills and keep eye contact.

• Stress the need for confidentiality. No one has the right to share another’s secrets.

• Draw out the quiet people and restrain the talkative ones. Make it easy for everyone to participate.  Do not pressure anyone to share or pray until they are willing.

• Encourage those in your group to be open and mutually accountable.

• Do not be dogmatic and force your opinion about issues that are not the basic tenants of the faith. Allow for differences in faith practices not related to salvation by faith alone in Christ alone.

• Affirm the contributions of each one. Let them know their ideas are valuable.

• When an expressed need or hurt requires prayer, be sensitive to know when it is best to pray. Be prepared to guide times of prayer, covering the issues that arise in the lesson and/or the discussion.

• Encourage the group to memorize the set verses each week and hold them accountable.

• End your gathering on time. Doing so will show that you honor the time constraints of the group participants.

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