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Senior Book Club


As you gather around the Word for life application, remember that truth travels at the rate of trust.  To that point, when a discipleship group is same gender, private, and confidential, sharing will be much more transparent. We encourage small group discussions with 1 facilitator per 3 disciples.  Co-facilitating  works well because of mutual prayer, encouragement, and accountability. Co-facilitators can lead different small groups to increase transparency and time for more personal interaction.

Ask God to give you a select group of Christians who love Jesus with everything - heart, mind, soul, and strength -  and who want to be discipled and be disciple makers!

Your group begins meeting when participants have purchased their workbook and committed to pre-answering the weekly lesson and then reading the lesson.  At each weekly meeting, use the discussion guide to draw participants into a time of deep, robust sharing based on their pre-answered workbook questions, scripture memorization, and reading the teaching notes for that week. It is important to read the teaching notes AFTER answering the questions!

At Lesson 12, begin discussions and prayer with each group member about facilitating their discipleship group.  At Lesson 24, each group member should begin contacting prospects about participating in their new discipleship group. They can link their prospects to this website and then discuss participation in weekly meetings that cover 37 lessons in 1 year. This allows time off for breaks, holidays, and conflicting dates.  Each group member should begin facilitating Lesson 1 with their new group before beginning Lesson 32 with their old group who will provide accountability, prayer, and encouragement.   


The process of forming and facilitating a group - as described above - will be the same for every new disciple maker.   

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